About SmartStars

SmartStars is a program that encourages artistic talent in children.


Mainly for children , the platform has been created to promote artists – new, amateur and professionals.

Through a collaboration with schools, art teachers, art lovers, professional artists (judges) and public, the platform aims to recognise young artists from all walks of life. 

While in its current avatar, the program is limited to hand made paintings and drawings, the program plans to extend to other forms of visual and performing arts in the near future.


If you are an art teacher or a school administrator and wish to be a part of the SmartStars initiative, please do click here and send us your interest. Please note that the participation on the platform, contest and talent hunt programs is free of cost.

If you are a student of art or a budding artist, you can participate in SmartStars contest and recognition program. Or you can simply display your art for your friends, family, teachers and public to see **

**This feature will be enabled later on.

                         Thank You!