Salute to our Covid Stars

Hey, Young Artist

Use your art to encourage those who are in the frontlines of our war against Covid -19

Nurses, Doctors,Caregivers,Hospital Workers,Police,Sanitation Workers,Public Transport Workers,Essential Service Providers, Volunteers, Government Officials and more

What you need to do

1. Create a piece of art that recognises their efforts

2. Give your art a title

3. Tell us a short story behind your art ( not more than 100 words)

4. Write about the materials used 

5. Send us a good photograph or scanned image

6. Let us know which city you are from and your age in years

If you are below 18 , please mention your first name only. Please request your parent to send the entry from their email address or if you use your email please do inform your parent(s) or responsible adult 

We will be publishing your art on social media networks like Facebook . Incase you do not want your art to be publicly displayed, please mention this 

Participants will get a certificate of participation

To submit your entry please complete the form below