Encourage young talent – Be a part of the SmartStars program


Dear Marketer,


As a brand that is involved with producing and selling high quality products to Indian households, you would like to consider participating in the SmartStars program.


What is SmartStars?

SmartStars is an initiative undertaken to encourage young talent. COVID-19 has brought about a dramatic change in the ability for families and children to step out of their homes. As a result there is a lot of energy and creativity that can find its way out into the world.


SmartStars enables brands to connect with Indian consumers with the objective of also encouraging young talent.


What is the focus area of SmartStars?


SmartStars focus is to create initiatives that will encourage young talent in the areas of art, music and other performing arts. As a brand, you can sponsor such initiatives in several ways based on your objectives and budgets.


Who are the key constituents of SmartStars?


The SmartStars program runs as collaboration between various constituents as follows:

  1. The participant- Typically children between the age of 8 to 18 years

  2. Voters – Public who vote to select the program winners

  3. Judges – Specialist from their field who are able to help identify good talent amongst participants

  4. Teachers – Who encourage their students to participate and also guide them

  5. Parents – With whose participations and encouragement the child is able to take part in the SmartStars program

  6. Sponsors – Who enable this entire program to operate while meeting their marketing objectives


How can a brand like yours leverage the SmartStars program?


You can participate in SmartStars in various ways. Some of the areas that you can leverage SmartStars are as follows:

  1. Run programs for families of your dealers, distributors, employees, shareholders and suppliers

  2. Sponsor programs that make your brand reach the household of potential customers

  3. Run programs for your existing consumer base to get them to engage more deeply with the brand and the brand values

  4. Sponsor programs to build your own brand awareness and brand salient’s


What do brands need to do to participate?


The brand needs to sponsor a part or full program on SmartStars which could be in one the following types of competitions:

  1. 2D - Drawing and painting

  2. Sculpture and other 3D art

  3. Creative art and craft

  4. Performing arts (e.g. music, dance etc)


You can also participate by sponsoring one of the following:

  1. Online art class and training for students

  2. Live painting competition


We would encourage you to actively consider being a part of the SmartStars programs – Your brand would gain from being part of such an initiative that encourages young talent especially in these times.


To know more about how you can participate in the SmartStars program, please do let us know if we can setup a call with you during the next few days.


We sincerely appreciate your attention and thank you and look forward to hearing from you.


Do email manager@smartstars.com incase you would like to be a part of this program


Thanks !

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