Preeti Kodesia

Preeti Kodesia; A Post Graduate in ABT (Art Based Therapy), Double Graduate in Fine Art and Architecture, ventured into fashion and interiors in the early ninety's and discovered her true calling in the field of art. In the last 20 years she has totally devoted herself in learning new techniques to express herself in this field.

She has had many solo and group exhibitions so far, in Lalit Kala Academy and India Habitat Centre across New Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai. And most of her paintings are almost always sold out!

















She has had the best experience during her course on Art Based Therapy, where she was associated with Ujwala Centre, a home for homeless Children, where she helped Children reform their thoughts and express themselves through Art. Even after

moving on, she has been in touch with these students who often call her for guidance.


For Preeti, "Life is a journey, that teaches us something everyday". She believes, that painting is meditation, and when she is involved in it, she is unaware of the passage of time. She is in a trance, and is totally immersed in her art. 'Imperfect perfection' is her guiding force, whether it is dress designing, interiors or painting.


She strongly believes that, you may have talent and willingness, but unless you are not emotionally involved in whatever you do, you cannot attain excellence”. So all her passions are driven by her emotions, and this is evident in her paintings.


Her philosophy as a teacher is based on the belief that, Art should not be defined by a rigid academic structure. It needs to have a free flow of expression that comes from within the heart of the creator. This is the reason behind the name of her beautifully curated art workshops: Free Soul Art.


Her journey into the world of art started with pencil sketches and creative portraits. Subsequently, she forayed into oil, water, acrylic and poster colors, making creative compositions of semi-realistic forms. She then delved into abstract and semi- abstract art, where she used vibrant colors and techniques, to create landscapes with nature and peacocks.


Glowing Motherhood

One of her series of black and white oil paintings, exhibited at Lalit Kala Academy is christened ‘Glowing Motherhood’.


It is based on the thought that the process of birth brings together an eternal bond between the creator and the soul. The bond that exists between a mother and her child comes close to exemplifying the emotion and spirit of that union. The relationship of the two is unique, in that, each fulfills the soul of another. The idea of conception, even before the stirrings of life come alive in the womb, a woman celebrates a natural core of her being and existence.


Child Within

Her exhibition in September 2017, at India Habit Centre was an expression of a child’s dreams and emotions. Through a series of about 40 paintings, she captured the variations and depth of a child’s fantasies.


In February 2018, she went on to converting this series, from painting to textile art. Which she proudly calls Pritikari. This was exhibited at India Art Festival, in Mumbai.


Search Within


'Search Within' is an evolution of the previous series 'Child Within', which is the next step in Preeti's artistic journey.


Based on Buddhist philosophy, she hopes to introspect and embark on a quest for peace and spirituality. The series focuses on the varied expressions that portray ‘happiness’.


Empowering through the lockdown

During this current lockdown period, she learnt teaching Art on- line and has had many workshops that have helped children of all age groups and adults, express themselves emotionally through Art.

Preeti Kodesia